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BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Gis and Rash-Guards are designed and manufactured by Fuji Sports (retail, wholesale and distributor prices). Totally customized with BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM patches and Lightning Embroidery, perfect for training use or competition.

Features include: Contrast Stitching; Rip-Stop pants; Extra Stitching for Durable jacket and pants; Stiff, thick, sturdier collar; Extra Special Reinforcements and Bungee Cord Pants! The BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Gi is the best all-around Gi in terms of fit, quality, and comfort!
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The BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Gis and Rash-guards are IBJJF approved and they are designed as a tribute to the BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM Elite Competitors! The BJJ REVOLUTION Gis are high-quality; competition grade; triple reinforced stitching; rip-stop pants; extra rows of stitching for a studier collar; bungee cord drawstring. Built to last!

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Your decision to join the BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM signifies your commitment to a team that is synonymous with quality, family and excellence. The BJJ Revolution Team is a world’s leading organization of Jiu-Jitsu athletes and professionals including Jiu-Jitsu students, Jiu-Jitsu trainers and instructors, martial arts school instructors and business owners. These pros coach, train and influence millions of health-minded people each year. Learn more about membership and benefits at

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